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About Us

The Elijah Network Family and Community Alliance, Inc.

"Turning the Hearts of Families by Uniting Communities"

The Elijah Network Family and Community Alliance, Inc. d.b.a. South Dade One Voice Community Coalition is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is registered as a Charitable Organization in the State of Florida. Our vision is to “Turn the Hearts of Families.” The goal and mission of the Elijah Network, since inception, is to bring neighbors together to address the challenges and build a brighter future for our south Miami-Dade children. The strategy to accomplish this is to partner with government, schools, churches and other community agencies while offering compassionate, culturally sensitive and developmentally appropriate services.


The Elijah Network developed and implemented the Department of Children & Families award winning “Elijah Project” in 1998 for the State Incentive Grant program - which was the research project that put into practice evidence-based prevention on a community level in Florida and across the nation. The Elijah Network also received the Best Practice/Model Program award in the prevention category at the Florida Governor’s Faith/Community-Based Conference for the “New Heights Project” in 2004. This program was our first experience in collaboration management. In 2006, we developed the "Shoot for Peace" program and won the competitive contract as lead agency in collaboration with eight other agencies for a service partnership in south Miami-Dade County in response to the child murder and violence “hot spot” that had been identified by The Children’s Trust. This program was a finalist in a national police/community partnership award through the MetLife Foundation in 2010.

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South Dade One Voice Community Coalition

A Drug Free Community

"Live Life Substance Free"

Established in 2011, South Dade One Voice Community Coalition (SDOVCC) is a community organization that follows the public health model and holds the health and welfare of children and families in high regard. SDOVCC works in the community of West Perrine to Naranja and surrounding areas and our target population is youth in all grade levels. We are dedicated to building a stronger and healthier community by educating with the most up-to-date data on youth substance use, advocating, assessing community needs, and coordinating community responses. We encourage partners and community stakeholders to attend monthly meetings to address conditions and policies that may put the communities’ youth and families at risk of substance use. SDOVCC participates and hosts local health fairs, community events, and activities at churches, schools, and parks. The coalition’s focus is to educate and help families understand more about the dangers of underage substance use.


Our community and coalitions' enthusiasm and willingness to collaborate is what makes us as a coalition unique. We unite to protect the health, safety and education of our south Miami-Dade children and families!

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