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"An awareness campaign focused on the dangers of driving under the influence"

South Dade One Voice Community Coalition created "Drop The Keys" impaired driving awareness campaign to focus on the physical dangers and legal consequences of driving under the influence by youth and adults.

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For more information on the legal penalties of driving under the influence, please read: 

The 2023 Florida Statues - Title XXIII Chapter 316.193

Impaired Driving isn't the only type of dangerous driving.  Other forms of dangerous driving includes Drowsy Driving and Distracted Driving.


The dangers of drunk driving are well known, but many are unaware of the data behind drowsy and distracted driving, and how they can be just as life threatening.

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Marijuana is also a huge concern. It affects both physical and cognitive functions, and drivers impaired by marijuana exhibit slow reaction times and poor judgment. As cannabis is legalized in more states and used more frequently by a variety of people, it’s more important than ever to understand its impact on driving. 

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Give the gift of life by being a sober driver.

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