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Prevention, Health and Diversion Project

The P.H.D. (Prevention, Health and Diversion) Project was established by SDOVCC to reduce the use of opioids and the abuse of prescription medications among youth in the south Miami-Dade community.

We focus on prescriber education and training, increasing awareness of Naloxone/NARCAN®, and educating the community on the dangers of opioids and prescription medication abuse.

Encouraging Proper Disposal

Through the P.H.D. Project we have been able to secure multiple prescription medication drug drop boxes in the south Miami-Dade community. Properly disposing of unused, unwanted or expired medication is just one way of preventing misuse/abuse. Since obtaining the drop boxes in 2018, we have collected over 160 pounds of medication. We have also been able to partner with the Florida National Guard Counterdrug Task Force, Homestead Police Department, Miami-Dade County Police Department, and Walgreens to participate in five DEA National Prescription Drug Take Back Day events.

Opioid Epidemic

Through the P.H.D. Project we educate community members about the Opioid Epidemic, the impact it has had on Florida, and strategies to combat it in our community. This is done through Parent and Youth Café's, social media campaigns and informational brochures. We inform community members about properly storing and counting all medications (including everyday vitamins), proper ways to dispose of medications, and educating peers on how to prevent medication misuse/abuse.

  • There have been about 400,000 opioid-related deaths since 1999

  • Approximately 83% of opioid-related deaths are unintended/accidental - mostly occurring outside of a medical setting

  • A significant rate of mainstream America is at risk. Over 60 million Americans received at least one opioid prescription in 2016

  • Nearly 12 million Americans report misusing prescription opioids

  • 80% of heroin users reported misuse of prescription opioids prior to heroin

  • 45% of heroin users report a history of dependency with prescription opioids

  • As of 2016, there are approximately 1 million Americans using heroin, which may often inconspicuously be laced with fentanyl (100 times more potent than morphine)


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